Custom 5 m hz 45° transverse wave transducer with end mount microdot connector.

Includes: Test report and certificate of conformance.

Reference: AIRBUS A300-600 PART 4 54-50-15


CUSTOM METRIC HOLE STANDARD, 2024-T3 or 7075-T6 ALUMINUM 1/2″ PLATE. Holes diameters: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm.. 1st row – holes without defects. 2nd row – holes with Corner notch – 0.5 mm. 3d row – holes with Full length thru notch – 0.5 mm depth. 4th row – holes with 100 degree countersinks without defects. 5th row – holes with 100 degree countersinks with 0.5 mm depth defects (0.5 mm defects on the countersink surface). Includes Test Report and Certicate of Conformance.