Custom 5 m hz 45° transverse wave transducer with end mount microdot connector.

Includes: Test report and certificate of conformance.

Reference: AIRBUS A300-600 PART 4 54-50-15


ULTRASONIC ANGLE BEAM TRANSDUCER KIT. CONSISTS OF A QUANTITY OF 12 5 MHz TRANSDUCERS WITH MICRODOT CONNECTORS FOR INSPECTION OF ALUMINUM SURFACES. Includes Test Report and Certificate of Conformation. Custom fitted waterproof Kit Box Included. Kit Part Numbers Include: AFX-545AT, AFX-560AT, AFX-570AT, AFS-545AT, AFS-560AT, AFS-570AT, AFM-545AT, AFM-560AT, AFM-570AT, AFL-545AT, AFL-560AT, AFL-570AT