Custom 5 m hz 45° transverse wave transducer with end mount microdot connector.

Includes: Test report and certificate of conformance.

Reference: AIRBUS A300-600 PART 4 54-50-15


ULTRASONIC ANGLE BEAM TRANSDUCER KIT. CONSISTS OF A QUANTITY OF 12 10 MHz TRANSDUCERS WITH MICRODOT CONNECTORS FOR INSPECTION OF ALUMINUM SURFACES. Includes Test Report and Certificate of Conformation. Custom fitted waterproof Kit Box Included. Kit Part Numbers Include: AFX-1045AT, AFX-1060AT, AFX-1070AT, AFS-1045AT, AFS-1060AT, AFS-1070AT, AFM-1045AT, AFM-1060AT, AFM-1070AT, AFL-1045AT, AFL-1060AT, AFL-1070AT