Custom 5 m hz 45° transverse wave transducer with end mount microdot connector.

Includes: Test report and certificate of conformance.

Reference: AIRBUS A300-600 PART 4 54-50-15


RECHII ROTARY BOLT- HOLE PROBE KIT, 8 SPLIT END ROTARY PROBES SUPPLIED WITH A RECHII CONNECTOR(4 PIN STEP LEMO) FOR USE WITH THE OLYMPUS RA SCANNER. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BOLT-HOLE SIZE RANGES: .156″-.187″, .187″-.218″, .218″-.250″, .250″-.281″, .281″-.312″, .312″-.375″, .375″-.437″, .437″-.500″. SUPPLIED WITH A WATERPROOF CASE. includes Test Report and Certificate of Conformance.