Custom 5 m hz 45° transverse wave transducer with end mount microdot connector.

Includes: Test report and certificate of conformance.

Reference: AIRBUS A300-600 PART 4 54-50-15


Cusom Ultrasonic Inspection Kit for Boeing 787. Kit contents include: NDT815 reference standard. Transducer part numbers: AFS-0570-1R, AFS-0570-1L, AFS-0570-2R, AFS-0570-2L, AFS-0570-3R, AFS-0570-3L, AFS-0570-4R, AFS-0570-4L, AFS-0570-5R, AFS-0570-5L. Transducer guide part numbers: NDT815-G1, NDT815-G2, NDT815-G3, NDT815-G4, NDT815-G5, NDT815-G6 and 1 ABNC-MD6 BNC-Microdot cable. Custom Pelican Kit Box. Certification reports and Certification of Conformance included for each item within the kit.